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Instruo Scion

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TheSCIONis a biofeedback sensor built into a quad random voltage generator. This design is based on the MidiSprout by Datagarden (

It translates biofeedback data, sourced from contact with organic surfaces, into musically useful control signals. Tiny fluctuations in surface conductance on organic materials stimulate control voltage and gate signal changes that can be used to modulate and permutate your patch. Dynamic control over biofeedback sensitivity allows you to quickly adapt any input source to a useful range of responsiveness.

Apply the sensor pads (included with theSCION) to your house plants, your own skin, or even attach the sensor clips to your pet (only if it is willing). When no sensor cables are used simply touching the capacitive Leaf electrode with your finger will create random voltages derived from life itself.

  • 3.5mm input jack for tens cable
  • Two sets of sensor cables featuring sticky electrode pads or soft clips
  • Gold touch plate for direct interface with bio-feedback sensor
  • Four 0-5V CV outputs with independent attenuators and slew controls
  • Four Gate outputs
  • Four Gate inputs for triggering ratcheted subdivisions or S&H style clocking
  • Four Hold buttons to freeze each channels current state
  • CV controllable SENSITIVITY (0-5V range)
  • CV controllable note DENSITY (0-5V range)
Instruo Scion
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